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02 Mar 2016

In commercial property brokerage, the weekly sales meeting can be quite a powerful tool in terms of building the marketplace share momentum to the real-estate business as well as the sales team. The meeting can be well planned to attain positive leverage and momentum through the agency.

With most agencies today, the weekly sales meeting a very good idea to help keep the agents on focus and task. That being said, a strategy must reach that goal. Minutes should be made out of the meeting to track and appraise the efforts of men and women. Good salespeople experience positive recognition and individual performance tracking. They understand the main advantages of the task.

Weekly sales meetings should occur from the mornings prior to working day commences. They must also take no longer than 60 minutes to ensure how the team could get to the marketplace along with the daily activities required.

And so the goals with the sales meeting should be to attain the following:

 To encourage the team forward with activities in listings and commissions
 To sustain the momentum as well as the focus through the group in a positive way
 To track and study the activities of people
 To establish positive communication involving the sales staff and also the administration team

It must be remembered that most salespeople dislike lengthy meetings. Any top agent or broker will want to have a very firm agenda that you follow in relation to weekly reporting and meeting attendance. The c's leader or sales manager should control the process.

Here are some tips to help you establish a positive means of meetings for the salesforce:

 The location in the weekly meeting should be varied to inspire activity and attendance. You can slowly move the meeting between different venues and times during the day. Breakfast meetings are generally quite successful, as well as the same can be said for supper meetings. You will however require an agenda for the task.
 Peer group praise will almost always be a useful gizmo within a successful sales staff. The team leader or sales team leader for the agency should encourage that activity. Each time a salesperson has achieved great success or an extraordinary deal, share that information round the group in the correct time and in the best circumstances.
 Once a month enable the full sales force along with the administrative team to come together as part of social drinks. The interaction between both groups will be important to the success with the agency.
 Establish a points system between people in the salesforce. The points system needs to be varied based on a various criteria. By doing this you will end up recognising and encouraging everyone, rather than just the very best agents together with the best prices. Go through the different achievements every week such as the lowest price each week, the very best strategy, the greatest quantities of inbound calls, cold calling targets, exclusive listings, and new meetings.

Top agents and brokers like efficiency. In addition they love to get so bad effectively. Any sales meeting should take no more than An hour, minutes ought to be created, and agendas needs to be circulated prior to the next meeting. Respect the time of your respective top agents, and they'll respect the attendance requirements your sales meetings. =real estate brokerage spring hill=


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